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Maximum Potential had developed a video based training program that enables school systems, parents and therapists with the ability to learn the skills necessary to provide ABA Therapy  to their students and children. Our program was developed by two PhD BCBA’s with over 25 years combined experience in both private and school settings. We are also extremely proud that  Dr. Jim Partington BCBA-D, creator of the ABLLS®-R has endorsed both our parent and school program

Maximum Potential’s belief is that lack of resources should not prevent a school from training staff and should not stop a family from providing the absolute best for their child.

By utilizing a video based program a school system can train every member of its staff and allows a viewer to learn at their pace and review the material as often as necessary.  Too often only the special education staff is educated on ASD and in a time when inclusion is now the rule and not the exception every person who interacts with a child should have knowledge to effectively teach a child with autism as well as counteract negative behaviors.

Parents can now train family members and other who interact with their child on best practices and continually follow up on what has been learned in school or in therapy. Until now, families who did not live near a therapist or could not afford a therapists had no alternative. By training through our video’s we now empower parents to give their children a fighting chance.

Maximum Potential's programs are the most comprehensive on the market but they do not and cannot take the place of the need for supervision of an ABA program by a trained and credentialed professional. Maximum Potential strongly urges any parent to consult with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on the most effective treatment for your child.

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