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ABA Course Series

Maximum Potential’s ABA Course Series were developed by Dr. Janet Lund, BCBA-D and Dr. Coby Lund, BCBA-D. This series contains 17 specific modules that enable single instructors or teams of educators to understand the concepts taught in ABA . The program trains staff to set up an effective classroom ABA program but also provides skills that can be taught to general education teachers, support staff, bus drivers, substitutes and parents. The program teaches essential components, such as social skills programming, daily living skills, increasing group responding, as well as skills such as discrete trial training (DTT) for ABA classrooms.

The skills learned in this course enable school staff and parents to solve a wide variety of challenges related to both skills acquisition (e.g., language, social, cognitive, etc.) and behavior reduction, as well as creating a positive learning environment.

Learn more about each program in our library

Volume 1 (60 min.)
• Autism Overview
• ABA Overview
• Common ABA Approaches
• Verbal Behavior Analysis
Volume 2 (42 min.)
• Prompting
• Fading
• Shaping
• Errorless Teaching
Volume 3 (36 min.)
• Reinforcement
Volume 4 (41 min.)
• Discrete Trial Teaching
• Therapy Checklist
• Behavioral Momentum
Volume 5 (35 min.)
• Graphing & Data Collection
Volume 6 (34 min.)
• ABA Set Up
Volume 7 (43 min.)
• Behavior Management
Volume 8 (43 min.)
• Natural Environment Teaching
• Social Skills Programming

Picture Cards

Picture CardsMaximum Potential offers ABA tools used in Discrete Trial Teaching that are also specific for some Assessment of Basic Learning and Language Skills (ABLLS®-R) codes. These picture cards are available to you in a very convenient way. Having these cards in a digital format means that teachers can us them either on the computer screen or on paper. Additionally if and when these cards are lost or destroyed, the teachers can print off a new picture and the district does not have to purchase costly additional sets.

With the purchase of an MP package, each user is provided with access to all picture cards. Electronic versions of these can be downloaded and printed as needed. Maximum Potential’s tools are original artwork and work very well with the ABLLS®-R codes listed with each set.

View Picture Cards samples »


Guided notes are supplied via PDF for each user. These guided notes can also be used as an end of a module quiz. Upon completion of the training course, participants have the option to take a brief exam to measure course knowledge. Tests will be provided at no extra charge for all who complete the course during the first year.

Pricing Options

Maximum Potential delivers its program in three distinct ways. The basic price plan is below. There are a number of variables that may enable a district to receive discounts and we encourage you to contact MP to determine which option works best for your district. or 800-707-2293

Note: Each of the three training option comes with the data collection package, digital picture cards, guided notes, two short exams and our All about me document

  1. DVD set per school: Maximum Potential will provide a set of DVD’s to each school(s) that a district would like to train. Our philosophy is that anyone that works with a child with autism should be trained with the skills that not only fit their job description but also provide them with the best opportunity to assist a child in any environment. With this option each school has the ability to train any teacher or staff member associated with the school.

  2. 1 set of DVD's for multiple schools or for the district. This option is also a site based school based program and was designed under the same philosophy as option 1. With this option one set of DVD’s is purchased instead on one per school. This allows a district to train staff from licensed sites in a central location and or transported for use in each school that is licensed.

    Some districts are utilizing the videos and option 2 to train staff on their internal intranet. Contact us to learn about the specifications and how this works.

  3. Option is broken into 2 pieces

    The first option is for Special Ed Staff, General Ed teachers and anyone that will actively spend time with your students. Each staff member has unlimited access to the program from any location for a year. The cost is a per teacher and begins at $200 per year.

    The second option is our group license. The group training is for support staff, bus drivers, substitutes and those with limited contact with children with autism. Group training provides the administrator with a single log in. The group or groups can only view the material in a central location and can not log in on their own. The groups have unlimited access to the program for a year. The cost is per user and begins at $100 per year.

    Number of staff and years purchased can reduce the price of the training.

How To Order

At Maximum Potential, we understand that each school district has different needs. Please contact us to learn how our school system package can be an efficient and cost effective way to train your district’s staff.

We offer both DVD and online options. Our goal is to provide you with a program that will fit your budget. Once we assess your needs we will provide you with a proposal that will help you determine which schools in your district may need our training program, curriculum and assessment tool.

To order or receive a proposal, or sample video contact Maximum Potential at or
call 404-483-5066.

Purchase Orders can emailed to or mailed to:

Maximum Potential Group
5020 Mill Creek Ave
Alpharetta, GA 30022

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