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Brevard County Schools Select Maximum Potential's Video Based Autism Training Program

Alpharetta GA (PRWEB) May 11, 2011 - The Brevard County School District is taking a major step to help the growing number of children with autism succeed. The district has been utilizing a new video based autism training program from Maximum Potential to train its teachers, specialists and staff. The district selected Maximum Potential’s program based on its ability to train across a wide range of fields within the district.

"It is a great support to teachers and staff to know that a resource like that exists at their school site," said Barbara McFadden, Autism Support Coordinator for Brevard County. "The staff who have viewed the entire set of videos and completed the guided notes, pre and post test, and met with me for a final face to face discussion have all found the experience useful."

MP’s ABA training program enables a school district to educate staff in a manner that is efficient and convenient to each user. The course allows Brevard County to train their staff on the skills that are necessary for each position and the video aspect makes it possible for staff to learn at their own pace to get the most out of each module. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is one of the most researched and tested interventions for children with autism and has been proven to work effectively in both special education and in general education classrooms.

"We are thrilled to be partnered with Brevard County," said Garrett Butch, CEO of Maximum Potential and the father of an 8 year old with autism. "We believe that our program enhances an already strong program in Brevard's schools. We are proud to be a part of their future success."

Brevard County, located in Viera, FL, has distributed Maximum Potential’s program in 85 of their schools across the district. Special education teachers, general education teachers, support staff, specialists and administrators across the district can utilize the program to share ideas and successes with each other to enhance their students learning opportunities.

About Maximum Potential:
Founded in 2007, Maximum Potential is the leader in ABA training for parents, schools and therapists. The company has created courses, products and individual support strategies to be used in the home and school. The company's courses are being used by schools in 26 states. Families and professionals in the U.S., Canada and around the world are also using MP’s platform for training and support.

Garrett Butch
Maximum Potential Kids
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