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Behavior Imaging Solutions

Behavior Imaging solutions provide a unique set of tools that allow special education teachers and administrators to improve educational outcomes by improving data collection, storage, and sharing. Behavior Imaging solutions are used to expand educational efforts in areas such as:

  • Data collection and reporting for Alternative Assessment
  • Digital libraries for district wide and classroom specific information
  • Remote Consultation with on-demand video
  • Supervision and training

Behavior Capture is a Behavior Imaging tool to capture and store behavioral health events on video via a remote control. Document relevant events before, during and after the behavior and share these behavior images with remote professionals in Behavior Connect.

Behavior Connect is a Behavior Imaging record application which allows you to organize, analyze, and share videos, images and other documents between patients, health providers, therapists and other professionals, increasing health service access and quality of care.


  • Reduce travel by sharing data securely online
  • Eliminate labor-intensive paper-based processes
  • Expand the capacity to use data to improve learning
  • Save time for teachers & staff through more efficient reporting
  • Enhance communication with students by recording and cataloging behaviors

To learn how Behavior Imaging Solution and Maximum Potential can benefit schools, clinics, therapists, universities and government agencies contact us here.


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