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Maximum Potential offers ABA tools used in Discrete Trial Teaching that are also specific for some Assessment of Basic Learning and Language Skills (ABLLS®-R) codes. These tools are available to you in a very convenient way. Once you purchase the tools you will receive an email with the PDF of the pictures. You can print only what you need and re-print tools that may get damaged in teaching sessions. All of Maximum Potential’s tools are original artwork and work very well with the ABLLS®-R codes listed with each set.

Seriation Example

24 cards total - ABLLS®-R Code B(25)

These cards teach students to arrange things in a series. Four attributes are included in this set. Quantity, Color, Sequence Completion and Size. Seriation cards will help you teach your student to put things in order in a short series.

What's Wrong Example

What's Wrong
9 cards total - ABLLS®-R Code G(28)

What’s Wrong Picture Cards are a great way to teach language and specifically ABLLS®-R code G(28). There are 9 pictures to print in this set which gives an ample supply of choices for teaching and mastering this ABLLS®-R code.

Common Ongoing Actions Example

Common Ongoing Actions
37 cards total - ABLLS®-R Code G(7)

Common Ongoing Action pictures teach expressive and receptive language. These cards are to be used for ABLLS®-R code G (7) as well as intraverbals. There are 37 actions depicted in these pictures giving the instructor many options to work with. They are fun, colorful and easy to print.

Pictures Scenes Example

Picture Scenes
8 cards total - ABLLS®-R Codes G(39), G(40) and C(53)

Pictures Scenes are very useful in teaching language. You can ask students specific and general questions about each scene. These are great for ABLLS®-R codes G(39), G (40) and C (53). There are 8 very different scenes to print and work with.

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