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ABA Training & Curriculum for Parents

Maximum Potential has created a training platform that will provide a parent with the most efficient, effective and affordable way to understand and use the concepts of ABA.

Benefits of MP's Training and Curriculum
Training: Our video based training platform allows a parent, grandparent, tutor, or babysitter to be properly trained in concepts of ABA. Skills such as behavior modification, reinforcement, social skills, and discrete trails are taught and demonstrated by our Autism experts. The presentation of these skills will help families understand how evidence based practices can be used not only in a 1 on 1 situation but also in any environment.

Supplemental Materials: Download and utilize our picture cards, guided notes and All about me program.

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3 Month Plan
one time fee
Have complete access to our 17 modules, and supplemental materials for 3 months. View the training as often as necessary. Train any member of your family and extended family. Create, print data collection material as well as print 78 digital picture cards If at the end of 3 months you would like to continue accessing the program, just pay $25 per month. You can cancel any time.

Included in the Package:

  • Full training program to show you how to teach using ABA
  • Digital Picture Cards that line up with the ABLLS®-R

Sample Video

Video library to work with your
child or train someone to work
with your child

Picture Cards

Maximum Potential's video-based ABA training modules provides affordable staff development information for teachers and other staff who work with students with autism. These modules provide a comprehensive overview for school staff to learn effective teaching strategies. After completing the modules, a staff member will have learned many critical concepts related to providing effective teaching including concepts such as reinforcement, prompting, Natural Environment Teaching and management of disruptive behavior. This DVD series enables a school district to train multiple staff members on a school site, and the material can be used to train new staff or be reviewed by any staff member throughout the year. The quality of the series clearly makes this product a worthwhile investment for any school district.

Dr. James Partington BCBA-D author of the ABLLS®-R
More Testimonials
Our initial purchase was about two years ago for seven of our schools. After that initial purchase, we ordered additional sets for several additional campuses. We purchased the disc sets so that they would be available to any staff member at that particular school. We code them like any other resource material in the library, so that they are individually checked out. This has helped to track who is watching to be able to track who has gone through the program. I like the fact that the discs are able to be viewed multiple times if needed. The strategies are easy to understand and there is a pre and post test along with charts that can be used.

We are pleased with the product. We have seen improvement in students and we are seeing increased understanding of strategies from the staff. Maximum Potential is an easy company to work with, they answer questions, provide assistance in a timely manner and follow up to ensure your satisfaction.
Mary Breaud
Special Education Curriculum Manager
Lafourche Parish Public Schools
It is a great support to teachers and staff to know that a resource like that exists at their school site,The staff who have viewed the entire set of videos and completed the guided notes, pre and post test, and met with me for a final face to face discussion have all found the experience useful.
Barbara McFadden
Autism Support Coordinator
Brevard County FL
We are pleased to have this opportunity. It is our expectation that our schools use a multi-tiered model for instruction and intervention. Having this material available to our teams enhances our work, especially when we utilize the training with coaching.
Nancy Franklin
Director of Least Restrictive Environment
Los Angeles Unified School District
My school system (Giles Co.) in Pulaski, TN has used the MP kids products this school year. The information in the videos has been extremely helpful. Our educational assistants working with our students with ASD have been able to view the videos to gain knowledge which has helped them better assist our students.
Lynn Page Hosay, M.A., M.Ed.
Special Education Teacher: Autism Spectrum Disorders
Giles County Schools
We are so excited to finally have a comprehensive training video series to complement our current training program. Maximum Potentional's ABA Training program is easy to follow and it's video examples provide a great visual model to follow.

I am very pleased with the quality of this training program and look foward to using it with all new teacher training.
Jessica Byrd
This program has not only helped our district better work with out students with autism, but it has trained our staff how to better work with all of our students. Many of the modules provide great tools and ideas on how to provide positive behavioral support to any students on any level.
Debbie Price
Director of Student Services
McDuffie County Schools, GA
Every parent of a child with autism wants the best possible outcomes for their child. However, in many situations, it is difficult to secure effective intervention services from well-trained individuals, and it is also important that parents learn how to develop their own child's skills. Maximum Potential has developed a series of video-based ABA training modules that will help parents, other family members, and in-home tutors learn effective methods to help children with autism develop critical skills. This DVD series provides parents with critical information about effective teaching strategies in a concise and an easy-to-understand manner. It is an extremely affordable way for parents and others who interact with a child to learn effective teaching strategies that can be used both in formal teaching sessions and while the child is participating in ongoing daily activities. All parents of children with autism can benefit from knowing the content presented in this series.
James W. Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D
The Maximum Potential ABA course provides an effective way for school staff to learn about the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis. This course will assist school districts in providing training for their Special Education teams and other pertinent members of their staff. The video-based course was exactly what we needed.
Cynthia D. Golden, Ed.S.
Supervisor, Special Education
Cherokee County School District, GA
We have been very pleased with the program. Response from teachers and para assistants have also been very positive. The thing that I especially like is the fact that they use video clips when talking about specific strategies. And because the training is on DVDs, the staff can watch it again to review, etc. You will still need support with implementation in the classroom, but the DVDs make it very clear as to what ABA should look like.
Autism Coordinator
Forsyth County GA
Recently members of our Special Education Department, which included teachers, paraprofessionals, Speech & Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists viewed your Applied Behavior Analysis DVD Training Series. All of us found the information presented by Dr.'s Coby & Janet Lund extremely convenient, informative and applicable. The series is definitely worth the investment of time and money!
Cindy Dobbins, BCABA, M.A.T.-SPED
Pickens County School System
Jasper, GA
The video training modules are fantastic! The video examples that are integrated into the discussion really help the participants understand the behaviors that are being discussed. In addition, the ability to rewind and review particular topics, along with the guided notes, allows the participants to be able to thoroughly master the subject.
Becky Walden
Special Education Consultant
Coweta County School System
MP is one of the best resources available to give teachers, parents and support staff comprehensive, easy to understand strategies for dealing with autistic students in the classroom. This program has allowed parents and staff to work TOGETHER to better serve the students in our district.
Matt Navo
Sanger Unified School District
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