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Volume 8: 43 min.

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Natural Environment Teaching (NET):

State-of-the-art treatment programs using evidence-based practices generally include various amounts of formal teaching sessions (i.e., DTT).  However, these programs are typically not limited to that instructional format.  The research literature on autism treatment clearly indicates the need for ongoing instruction/engagement, including incidental teaching opportunities, or Natural Environment Teaching (NET).  NET can essentially be summarized as instruction which takes place outside the context of DTT, often during preferred activities/areas.  This module will further outline the integration of NET into a comprehensive treatment package for children with autism, including the use of ABA strategies during NET.

Social Skills Programming:

Nearly all children on the Autistic Spectrum have social deficits to some degree.  However, given the scope of typical social behaviors, the degree to which those deficits impact different individuals varies widely.  For example, some children with autism may no interactions with peers (i.e., no initiating, no responding, no eye contact, no physical contact, no communication, etc.), while others may interact with peers frequently, but in disjointed ways (i.e., difficulty maintaining interactions, difficulty with the flexible nature of conversations, etc.).  In this module, the core components of social skills programming will be detailed.  For example, what activities should be used, what social behaviors should be targeted, which peers should be selected and with what training should they be provided, and where should this intervention occur?

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