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Volume 5: 35 min.

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Graphing & Data Collection:

The best manner in which we evaluate the effects of any treatment must include measurement.  All intervention strategies—whether based on ABA or not—should (1) be clearly and operationally defined, (2) speak explicitly to measureable outcomes (i.e., What specific behavioral changes should be observable in this student following treatment?), and (3) include repeated measurements of treatment outcomes.  Data collection is a crucial component of treatment that allows us to evaluate treatment and make adjustments when needed quickly and accurately.  In this module, viewers will learn how to effectively and efficiently track a variety of student performance targets, including behavior reduction targets as well as skill acquisition targets.

Using graphic representations of behavior to make decisions about treatment is a critical component to any effective intervention approach.  Graphs enable instructors to view progress—or lack thereof—over periods of time at a glance.  Their use enhances the decision-making process, both with regard to moving quickly from one mastered skill to another and to implementing adjustments quickly and when needed.  In this module, viewers will learn to (1) convert raw data to a graphic format, (2) understand and use graphs to make decisions about programming, and (3) analyze student performance based on graphs.

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