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Volume 4: 41 min.

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Discrete Trial Teaching:

Discrete trial teaching (DTT) is a specific application of Applied Behavior Analysis; the two are NOT the same thing.  DTT involves teaching skill components in a very systematic manner, with repeated practice and positive reinforcement.  One discrete trial is a teaching unit that includes an instruction, a student response, and a consequence (though a prompt is often needed to cue the student response), then a short pause before the next trial.  Discrete trial teaching involves the repeated presentation of many trials within an instructional session.  This module provides instruction and examples related to using DTT in combination with other ABA strategies to teach a variety of skills.

Therapy Checklist:

Instructors are often overwhelmed when initially learning to apply the principles of behavior analysis and specialized applications such as discrete trial teaching.  In this module, the “Therapy Checklist” will be reviewed in detail, providing instructors with a stepwise and at-a-glance summary of ABA and DTT as applied to teaching children with autism.

Behavioral momentum:

In physics, momentum is a measure of the motion of an object based on mass and velocity—essentially, the object’s resistance to change.  In other words, it is easier to keep an object moving once it has gained momentum.  Behavioral momentum is the behavioral analogy drawn from that.  For example, it is easier to keep a student participating once he/she has gained momentum (i.e., participated).  This module includes the specific procedures and examples needed to understand behavioral momentum in various contexts, and use it to promote participation and a wide variety of skills (during formal teaching situations and incidental teaching opportunities).

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