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Learn how to set up and conduct an ABA session

Maximum Potential has created the most effective, efficient and affordable program available to parents. The program contains 17 different modules full of examples that will give any potential instructor the ability to learn skills associated with ABA.

MP’s program allows parents, grandparents, family members or members of the community to

  • Understand and create positive behavior
  • Learn the set up of an ABA session
  • Counteract different challenges
  • Motivate and provide reinforcement
  • Learn how to effectively teach new skills and maintain mastered skills

Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the most common and most researched methods used to treat autism.  ABA is known to be the most effective evidence-based therapeutic approach demonstrated thus far. The U.S. Surgeon General states that thirty years of research on the ABA approach have shown very positive outcomes when ABA is used as an early-intervention tool for autism.

Learn more about each program in our library

Chapter 1 (60 min.)
• Autism Overview
• ABA Overview
• Common ABA Approaches
• Verbal Behavior Analysis
Chapter 2 (42 min.)
• Prompting
• Fading
• Shaping
• Errorless Teaching
Chapter 3 (36 min.)
• Reinforcement
Chapter 4 (41 min.)
• Discrete Trial Teaching
• Therapy Checklist
• Behavioral Momentum
Chapter 5 (35 min.)
• Graphing & Data Collection
Chapter 6 (34 min.)
• ABA Set Up
Chapter 7 (43 min.)
• Behavior Management
Chapter 8 (43 min.)
• Natural Environment Teaching
• Social Skills Programming

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3 Month Plan
one time fee
Have complete access to our 17 modules, 500+ lesson plans and supplemental materials for 3 months. View the training as often as necessary. Train any member of your family and extended family. Create, print and save lesson plans as you work. If at the end of 3 months you would like to continue accessing the program, just pay $25 per month. You can cancel any time.

Included in the Package:

  • Full training program to show you how to teach using ABA
  • Data Collection Package to track and analyze
  • Digital Picture Cards that line up with the ABLLS®-R
Maximum Potential's school program have been endorsed by Dr. James Partington BCBA-D author of the ABLLS®-R.

Learn more about Dr. Partington »
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